A Significant Breakthrough in Physiotherapy Treatment

Finally … A challenge for all back pain sufferers in Singapore who think that it's impossible to cure back pain! The following are advanced physical therapy therapies carried out by physiotherapists in The Pain Relief Practice that help many people with diseased back pain reduce their pain and avoid back surgery. Get to know more about physiotherapy services via reading online.

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Back pain sometimes goes away in the short term and returns to you. Research shows that back pain doesn't go away miraculously if you ignore it and fifty percent of this pain will haunt you again. After you experience an attack of lower back pain, there is a high probability that the problem will return – usually worse than before – unless you do something about it.

Physiotherapy is a common choice among doctors when it comes to referral back pain, usually instructed to reduce pain and strengthen the muscles around the spine and supporting core muscles.

Now, all serious long-term back problems (eg sciatic discs, herniation, glaring or degeneration, spinal stenosis, pinched nerves, and chronic lower back pain) that have not succeeded in relieving pain with physiotherapy can now be treated safely and effectively with this modern and proven technology – 'Spinal Decompression Therapy.' And you will not only get quick symptom relief, but you will also stay better in the long run. The condition of your lower back will really be repaired, not just paper.

'Spinal Decompression Therapy' carried out by special physiotherapists can remove pain, and actually reverse the damage that has accumulated in your discs for years. Recent clinical studies have shown that this type of non-surgical spinal decompression therapy provides resolution of symptoms that is almost instantaneous for eighty-six percent of people with back pain.