We are leaders in providing environmentally responsive, socially appropriate, and economically beneficial design solutions that improve the quality of life in underserved communities.

Who we are & what we do

COMMON studio seeks to provide design services, education and advocacy about the built environment to underserved populations and existing non-profits.

We support and enhance community development by designing essential facilities such as schools, clinics, orphanages, homeless shelters, community gardens, housing and other infrastructure.

Through the power of professional design, we build safer, more sustainable and highly innovative environments that become assets to their communities and enduring symbols of the collective ability to envision a better future.

Guiding principles

  • Design must be socially appropriate, environmentally responsible, and economically beneficial.
  • Pro-bono design services are provided to groups who could not otherwise afford full priced professional design.
  • We provide design services as well as strategies for project implementation.
  • Community involvement is imperative to the success of a project.
  • A well designed and built environment is a manifestation of the health of its community and should facilitate its growth.

Values & beliefs

  • Diversity: ideas and involvement from multiple sources bring strength to design
  • Collaboration: we support partnerships with conscientious individuals and organizations
  • Sustainability: we recognize the responsibility of humanity to the environment
  • Leadership: we strive to be a leader and resource in the design community
  • Knowledge: education is the key to empowerment


Professional design services

COMMON studio provides professional design services that include comprehensive architectural, landscape, interior, and planning services to individuals, community groups, non-governmental organizations, social entrepreneurs and other not-for-profit organizations.

Using design as a tool, we empower our partners to build a more sustainable futureAfghanistan

Design and construction services

  • comprehensive architectural design services
  • Needs assessment/site analysis
  • Community-based design leadership
  • Local labour and skills training
  • Program development and administration

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Molli Kiser
Architect. Landscape Architect. AIA. LEED
Dijana Alickovic
Intern Architect. AIA Assoc
Laura Clayton
Intern Architect. AIA Assoc

Board of directorsMolli Kiser
Architect. Landscape Architect. AIA. LEED (EMAIL)
Dijana Alickovic
Intern Architect. AIA Assoc. (EMAIL)
Laura Smith
Intern Architect. AIA Assoc (EMAIL)


Bryan Markkanen
Intern Architect.AIA Assoc.LEED (EMAIL)
Jacob Hansen
Ecological Designer
Jyana Messinger
Intern Architect
Monika Kucinska Wilcox

Supporting members

Nancy Monteith
Landscape Architect
Mehrdad Samie
Andrea Orr
Intern Architect