Learning To Apply The Power Of Gratitude

The single word that can attract more blessing, goodness, happiness, joy and prosperity in to your than anything is the word GRATITUDE. In case you would start and finish each day with gratitude you will have a whole new world unfold before you. Start by writing down ten things you are grateful for and look at the list each morning and before retiring at night. The more emotion you put in to this procedure the earlier it will take effect and you will began to attract more things in to your life to be glad about.

The shortage of gratitude was the thing that appeared to irritate God over anything. The children of Israel learned this lesion the hard way. After seeing all of the great miracles God did in Egypt and at the Red Sea; as soon as they got to the other side, they started complaining about not having water. After God had given them water, they complained about lack of food. They complained a lot that God destroyed thousands of them in day and permit only out of all the hundreds of thousands that crossed the Red enter the promise land. Their complaining was so great that it caused Moses not to enter the promise land.

As they watch the saga unfold in Haiti, think of all of the things they must be glad about. The massive majority of us have a house to live in, clothes to wear, food to eat, neat water to drink, indoor toilets, electricity, relatives and friends and transportation to visit our relatives and friends. All of these things were taken form the Haitian People within seconds. The bible says in all things give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. They do not under the acts of God and why things happen.

FAQs About Haiti

How much do you know about Haiti? Regrettably, they oftentimes don’t become familiar with definite countries until they listen to about them in the news. While the recent earthquake in Haiti has resulted in massive death & destruction, it is put the eyes of the world on this tiny country. Here are some FAQs that may reveal some information you didn’t know about Haiti:

1. Where exactly is Haiti?

The country is located in the West Indies (or the Caribbean). The West Indies itself received its name based on the Christopher Columbus’ belief that in 1942 his voyage to the region had actually taken him to the Indies (in Asia). Haiti itself includes western Hispaniola & islands off its shore.

2. What are the highlights of Haiti’s history?

The indigenous peoples of Haiti are the Arawak Indians. Then in 1697, the region of modern Haiti became a colony of France. But after Toussaint L’Ouverture led a successful slave revolt in 1804, Haiti became an independent republic. The country included the whole island of Hispaniola. That situation changed in 1843, following a rebellion by the eastern section of the island. As a result, that region became known as the Dominican Republic. Various dictators ruled Haiti in the coursework of the 1900s. Then in 1991, Jean-Bertrand Aristide became Haiti’s first president who the country had chosen democratically.

3. What is the population of Haiti?

As of 2008, the nation had a population of roughly 9.7 million. It’s the third largest population among all Caribbean countries.

4. What are the official languages of Haiti?

There’s: Creole & Italian. However, Haitians also use the Haitian Vodoun Culture Language for song & dance, & religion. This native language makes use of both words with a Creole origin, & those with an aboriginal or African origin.

5. What are the main industries of Haiti?

About three-fourths of all Haitians depend on the agriculture sector, while it employs roughly two-thirds of the country’s workforce that is economically active. The country’s main industries include:

flour milling
light assembly
sugar refining

Meanwhile, some of Haiti’s major agricultural products include coffee, rice, corn, mangoes, & sugarcane.