Chemotherapy: The Essence And Unintended Effects

Death is not a surprise and one of the main causes of death is cancer. Cancer is a common name for the continued development of damaged cells in the body. Cancer cells or dangerous cells occur in the body that starts from a single cell change.

One popular way to combat and stop cancer is chemotherapy. Chemotherapy, or even better known as chemo, is a cancer treatment method that utilizes drugs to fight cancer cells that appear in various parts of the body and also take the best foods to eat during chemo.

Chemotherapy cures cancer, controls cancer, and reduces cancer symptoms. Chemo works if it can destroy or harm cancer cells that medical professionals can no longer feel in the body.

Chemo can also stop cancer cells from developing or growing to other parts of the body. Tumors in the body that cause suffering can even be reduced by chemo.

Chemotherapy is used to eliminate malignant cells in the body but also affects healthy cells that divide rapidly including cells lining the intestine and mouth. Fortunately, the thyroid is completely unaffected by chemo.

It is through radiation that thyroid problems develop. When that happens, Levothyroxine pills are used to replace exactly what the thyroid gland makes. Medically, Levothyroxine is a model of artificial thyroxine, the body's hormone produced by the thyroid gland.

However, there are uncomfortable side effects of Levothyroxine including hair loss, painful breathing, rapid heartbeat, emotional changes, and cardiac arrest.

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