Getting An Antique Fireplace Mantel For Your Home

One enduring focal point in any home is the fireplace mantel. Somehow no matter how modern the age becomes there is simply something admirable about a good old fireplace mantel.

There are many types, kinds, and designs of mantels. Fireplace mantel material alone can be very confusing. Your fireplace mantel can be made of stone or wood, both of which each have a host of many kinds to choose from. You can also choose to have a fireplace mantel that is imitation wood or stone for a cheaper buy. For others, however, there is always the option of getting an antique fireplace mantel.

Not everyone wants to have an antique fireplace mantel, but many are already considering the option. The fact is there are just as many varied design choices for antique fireplace mantels. You can have the ornate marble or wooden scroll and all the works on your fireplace mantel.

You can also have more subdued Edwardian designs or the simple combination of wood and stone in Gothic designs. Just as with any modern design, you can have your pick with your antique fireplace mantel. Fireplace Restoration Services – provide fireplace restoration services that not only maintain the comfort and coziness in cold weather but also complement the look of your home.

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No matter how simple your antique fireplace mantel looks, a lot of people simply recognize the beauty of an antique when they see one. Owners of mansions and old colonial houses or even average houses with spacious living rooms would do well to have an antique mantel.

Contrary to popular belief, an antique fireplace mantel may also come cheap if you know where to look. You can choose to buy your antique mantel from companies who really specialize in the restoration of such antique pieces or you can purchase from a salvage store.

In any case, most stores that sell antique mantels will help you with the stripping and the restoration. Try scouring the net or your local salvage shops for bargains and you'll find a good, cheaper deal.

There are two big considerations though when you purchase an antique fireplace mantel. The first one has something to do with style. You have to be certain of course that your fireplace mantel fits the general design and style of your home. Otherwise, your antique mantel will be overkill and will seem preposterous. Then again, you are the mater of your home and you can do with it as you please.