How Air Compressor Works?

Air compressors have made a lot of work easier since discovery. There are several types of air compressors each with their own negative and positive impact. In a positive displacement ‘compressed air’ (which is also known as trykkluft in the Norwegian language) compressor, the air is forced into the engine and the piston then pushes it down so that air can escape.

Now negative displacement compressors work on the same principle to force air out but this compressor carries air by forcing the spinning disk that creates the centrifugal force needed to allow air to enter and also has enough air to be pushed out.

There are many brands of compressors on the market; one of the best I've ever encountered is the Air compressor. They are simple compressors that can be used by anyone and are made to the highest quality standards. When using the compressor there are several things that need to be checked first.

• Tank pressure gauge – always check this first to see the level of air pressure inside your compression cylinder

• Air Pressure Regulator – this allows basic regulations to be pumped into tires or tools depending on what you use the compressor.

• Gauge Regulated air pressure – measures the amount of air put into the relief valve at a certain time

• Safety release valve – if there is a problem always remembers where a safe release valve you do not want a lot of pressure to accumulate in the cylinder tank.




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