Is Alpha Brain A Nootropic For Memory Enhancement?

Nootropic supplements, otherwise referred to as brain boosters, limitless pills, or smart drugs are known for their positive effects on one or more aspects of the mind. Some of the benefits included enhanced working memory, alertness, speed of memory and improved mental energy. The crossing between the synapses is enhanced which in turn improves the efficiency and capacity of the neurons.

Aside from that, nootropics like Alpha Brain have been used alone or along with other prescription drugs to mitigate a host of health complications. Some of them include Parkinsons Disease, Angina, ADHD, Alzheimer’s and even age-related brain complications.

Nowadays, there exists a host of this sort of herbal supplements in the market today and have equally diverse side effects. Some of the more common types of nootropics include Racetams, Serotonergic, Metabolic and Adaptogens.


Some of the prevalent types of Alpha Brain nootropics include:

  • Vitamin B Derivatives- such type of herbal supplement show marked improvements in Cognitive ability, Parkinson’s disease and even dementia. One example of this type of Vitamin Derivative is Sulbutiamine. Sulbutiamine is used in some clinical establishments to increase the levels of alertness and to mitigate the effects of fatigue.
  • Peptides- this type of peptide has shown tremendous capability at penetrating the brain blood barrier since it is highly fat soluble. One example of this kind of peptide is Noopept, which may be in Alhpa Brain. Noopept encourages the production of glutamate along with controlling the levels of Acetylcholine. More so, noopept has a significant impact on the release of unique proteins that are essential for maintenance and growth of neurons and nerve cells.

How To Increase Brain Power

People are exploring methods to increase brain power. If you are also one of them and want to increase your brain power then you have come to right place. In this article, I am going to discuss some tips that are proven to be effective in improving brain power and cognitive functions.

Firstly, if you are really dedicated to increase brain power then you should start using your brain. Idle brain is generally considered as a waste item. Most of us make use of electronic machines in our day to day tasks such as we make use of calculators even for normal calculations.

Instead of this you can do calculations manually as this will improve your mental activity to a great extent.

You should always search for the reasons instead of accepting everything. Like a child you should ask for why. This is a very useful way for brainstorming.

You can also take brain boosting supplements to improve your brain power. There are many supplements that you can buy from

Whenever you come across a new idea, jot them down on notebook. It is because sometimes our brain is not able to remember new things.

Try to be creative while doing your daily chores. Getting creative helps your brain to use different parts of the brain.