Thinking Of Buying A Property Abroad Here Are The World’s Most Desirable Locations

Whether you’ve been saving for years and you think now is the time to make the move, or even if you’ve just sold your first million-pound company and the cash is burning a hole in your pocket, opting to relocate from your small flat and purchase a property abroad could be ideal. That said; it’s often selecting the perfect location that people struggle most with, and this is precisely why I’ve been doing some research over the last couple of weeks in preparation for this article. You see; it’s not always about the amount you spend, sometimes the scenery and local amenities play a big role in decisions like this, as I’m sure you already realize.

So, if you’ve had your nose in travel guides for a while now, and you still don’t know where you should eventually lay your hat, then take five minutes or so to read through all the suggestions I’ve made under this introduction, and I’m almost certain you’ll find something that will tickle your fancy. Some of my ideas will be more suitable than others depending on your personal situation and whether you’ll be bringing any children along for the ride. Still, all of them should serve to inspire you and remind you that the world is an endlessly interesting playground, just waiting to be explored. You can visit this site to get more information about it.

Prague, Czech Republic

You probably won’t need a million pounds to buy a property in Prague as everything is so damn cheap. Most people who live in this country survive comfortably on less than £50 each week, so that should tell you a thing or two about property prices. I recently saw a three-story, five-bedroom home for sale in the center of the city near to the Charles Bridge for around half the price you would expect to pay for the same building in the UK or the US, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Tuscany, Italy

Just to show some contrast here, Tuscany is one of the most expensive and luxurious locations on the planet for the property, so don’t expect to get much for your money. That said; those who can afford to live here rarely leave due to the amazing weather, top restaurants, boutique shops, and friendly local people. The average house price here is well over a million, meaning you’ll encounter lots of rich and famous people walking around the city at any one time. However, two-bedroom flats can be obtained for around two hundred thousand, making them slightly more affordable to the average joe.

Miami, US

As Will Smith once famously rapped “there’s a party in the city and the heat is on, all night on the beach until the break of dawn”, which is actually a pretty accurate portrayal of what life could be like for you if you decided to buy a property and move to this particular area of the sunshine state. Miami homes are built with luxury and extravagance in mind, so you’ll have no trouble finding something suitable so long as you have cash on the hip. Interestingly, this place is much less touristy than some of the other popular holiday locations nearby, so don’t worry, you won’t spend your days weaving in and out of holidaymakers unless you visit the beach.

Berlin, Germany

Although most of this city was flattened during some rather nasty events in the last century, it was rebuilt to its former glory within the space of twenty years, and now it has become one of the most appealing a quirky locations in the entire German republic. The good news is that house prices are pretty reasonable, so your money should stretch a long way, and this might allow you to purchase a slightly larger home. Contrary to popular belief, the German people are very friendly and accommodating to foreigners, so don’t be surprised if they take a special interest in you, and your decision to move to their great country.

Istanbul, Turkey

There are many large cities in Turkey, but none of them quite compare to the sheer beauty we see in Istanbul. As the capital of the country, there’s obviously a lot more to do here than in surrounding areas, and there’s also a thriving property market for you to take advantage of. In most instances, you’d be able to obtain a good quality, three-story townhouse for less than one hundred thousand. Just be careful to use British or American solicitors with experience in the Turkish property market when ironing out the finer details of your purchase, because this country has some pretty odd laws surrounding foreigners owning houses.

Marrakech, Morocco

Most people think this city is the capital of Morocco, but that sadly isn’t the case. Although Marrakech is one of the largest communities in the entire country, the smaller city of Rabat is widely accepted at the capital. Still, deciding to purchase a home here could be the best move you ever make. With low prices, it’s possible to purchase a mansion with the amount of cash you’d spend to get a semi-detached property back home, so you should definitely give this place a second look. There are lots to see and do in Morocco, and it’s also home to some of the most interesting mountain ranges in the world. So, if you really want to move to Africa, this is the destination I recommend. 

Paris, France

They don’t call Paris the city of love for nothing you know. Opting to buy a property here could result in you finding the person you wish to spend the rest of your life with. Maybe they put something in the water? Who knows. One thing is for certain though, very few people ever sell up after buying a home here. There are obviously lots of interesting sights to see, and a huge array of truly amazing authentic French restaurants to ensure you never get bored with the cuisine. Of course, the best thing about Paris is that you can fly home to see your friends and family in no time whatsoever.

Well, there you have it, my property-seeking friends. Those are the most desirable locations in the world for people in your situation. Good luck with the search, I’m certain you’ll find somewhere suitable over the next couple of months. Just keep researching, and keep your options open.

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