Types of Suspension Lift Kits For Different Purposes

A suspension lift is disguised by its size and its usage. With regards to size, suspension can be segregated into three varieties; small, medium, and large.

The small S-lift will allow some room for your motor vehicle. It will also allow for somewhat larger tires than the normal ones. The small S-lift will provide almost 1.5 inches lift and is suitable for those with a tight budget.

If you want a small lift for your car, you may opt for small suspension L-kit. The small suspension is relatively cheaper and easier to install than the others. The lift can be done by putting coil spacers in the front and long shackles at the rear of the vehicle.

Medium 4wd suspension kits allow almost 2 inches of lift. If the car owner is not looking for off-road ventures, he or she can opt for a medium size suspension. You can browse https://www.tyreandwheel.com.au/mechanical/suspension to know more about car suspension.

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The lift will enable tire clearance and thus is the best option for those who are not too much into off-road trips. The use of a spacer and the add-a-leaf lift is common amongst the average size of S-lift users.

Medium suspension installation may bring noticeable changes in the performance of the vehicle. Depending upon the handling and maintenance, your vehicle will undergo either good or bad change.

The users of the lift should have strong rear springs. But extra lift can be difficult for the medium S-lift users. If the vehicle owner prefers to install the add-a-leaf kit, the vehicle may not require modifications at a later stage.